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Hydrostor Inc.

Toronto Business Development Centre client company, Hydrostor Inc. is launching the world’s first underwater compressed air electricity storage system – a technology that could add

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The Candy Bar

Opening up a dynamic and delicious candy store was something that was always in the back of Paola Giavedoni’s mind. After working for a commercial

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After working with financial advisors for most of his career, Kevin Mulhern noticed that the digital evolution of the publishing industry presented both problems and

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Ideas Exchange

Join us  from 5-8pm for an evening of  brainstorming and collaboration. Share your ideas with other business owners, and discover new ways to improve your business!

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Understanding Money

Understand your emotional relationship with money to better price your product or service. You will learn things that will help you grow your business at

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Small Business Forum

Modern technology is changing the way we think about business. This year, the Small Business Forum had over 2500 small businesses attend the event to

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