Online Open Courses

E-courses to help acquire new skills and knowledge for your business

In a fast-changing entrepreneurial community, it is important to stay knowledgeable with current trends and continually acquire new skills.
Expand your business knowledge through the list of courses offered in collaboration with MaRs Discovery District. There are no fees or time-bound on these courses, which you can enjoy at your own pace.

Introduction Market Sizing

Learn the importance of market sizing using research and other strategies to effectively analyze and estimate your target market.

Introduction to Investment Readiness

Learn how to be investment ready with this course featuring how to create fundraising plans, prepare documentation, and gain tips for your next investment pitch.

Selling for Entrepreneurs

Learn how to build strong B2C and B2B sales strategy and measure your sales success. The course includes sales tactics, lead generation, and sales metrics measurement.

Introduction to Valuation

Learn valuation methodology for startups or companies as they grow and how it varies for different sectors.

To advance your learning here are additional courses offered in partnership with MaRs Discovery District and the University of Toronto. With these paid courses, you will receive certification in Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship 101

A 5-week paid course offering a mix of materials that will accelerate the growth of your company.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Gain real-world entrepreneurial insights. This certification course offered by UofT is designed to help reduce your start-up risk with the latest strategies and tools.