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Nicholas McFadden is a former consultant who currently leads his own startup as the CEO of Instinctive Business Intelligence (Instinctive BI). He founded his UK-based business in Scotland, his home country — just last year, Nick brought Instinctive BI across the Atlantic Ocean to Toronto. The company specializes in technology consulting, helping firms plan, execute, and deliver tech-centered products. Instinctive BI serves a diverse client-base composed of financial institutions, challenger banks (UK), and fin-tech firms.

Nick has an extensive background in information technology and commercial management; in the past, he has worked to develop and integrate digital solutions for major global banks. He spoke to us about the future of data, and what it holds for Instinctive BI: “We live in the age of information, where customers expect quicker decisions. You have to be in a position where you’re putting in work ahead of time to create a pre-emptive customer experience. As the firm, we’re going to ask the right questions and answer them before the client has even asked.” For example, a financial institution looking to assess the risk of extending a line of credit could use predictive data analytics and artificial intelligence to vet their clients more efficiently.

Nick chose Toronto because of the synergies between Canada and the UK. “Financial products and service offerings are similar between the countries,” he explained, “as well as the regulations governing these products.” He also saw tremendous opportunity in the Canadian market, when he observed the rising trend of digital-first banks. “More and more banks are realizing that they can’t just take their existing systems and processes and digitize them. It requires building a digital framework from the ground up.” Instinctive BI plays an instrumental role in helping these firms, as it understands not only the technical aspect of such projects, but the regulatory landscape as well.

While he misses friends and family back home, Nick enjoys Toronto’s hospitable, innovative environment. Instinctive BI is one of Toronto’s many companies that contribute to the city’s burgeoning technology presence.

Learn more about Instinctive Bi here.

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