International Soft Landing Program (ISLP)

A gateway to North America for scale-ups

International Soft-Landing Program is created to assist SMEs, including established scale-ups carry out international commercialization and export market development activities in the Canadian market with incubator resources for a trial period. This allows businesses to operate in an ecosystem that is conducive to growth, leading to the possibility of establishing a presence in a foreign market.

Integrate your company in Canada.
Grow your company globally.

International Soft-Landing Program at TBDC is geared towards scale-ups who are focusing on expanding their businesses in North America. TBDC provides a one-stop-shop of services including access to government programs, marketing support, business network, access to talent and capital. With ecosystem partnerships and mentors with industry expertise, ISLP aims to support scale-ups in the Canadian market with business services and execution support required to establish and scale globally.

Why Soft-Landing?

Low-Risk Entry

Low-risk entry platform for companies wanting to explore or enter a new market.

Access to Incubators

Access to incubators as an avenue to connect with local start-ups as a value add.

Access to Resources

Connect with new partners, positioning you to close deals and providing support to establish a permanent presence in the market.

Network & Events

Network of well-established venture capitalists and private equity to scale or expand international companies into North American markets.

Business Relationships

Opportunity to learn from those participating in TBDC’s soft landing program and tap into potential new business relations and cooperation.

Partner Services

Suite of services, including introductions to networks, co-locating, support with incorporating a legal entity.

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