Soft Landing Program

A gateway to North America for scale-ups

Soft-Landing Program is created to assist SMEs, including established scale-ups carry out international commercialization and export market development activities in the Canadian market with incubator resources for a trial period. This allows businesses to operate in an ecosystem that is conducive to growth, leading to the possibility of establishing a presence in a foreign market.

About the Program

The Soft-Landing Program at TBDC is designed for established international scale-ups and start-ups looking to expand their businesses in North America. TBDC provides a one-stop-shop of services including access to government programs, marketing support, business network, access to talent and capital. Through an ecosystem of key partnerships and mentors/advisors with industry expertise, the Soft-Landing Program aims to support international companies in establishing their business in the Canadian market with business services and execution support to help them establish and scale globally. The duration of the Acceleration Program is 6 months with an additional 2 months of virtual Pre-acceleration Program.

Features of the Program

Low-Risk Entry

The Soft-Landing Program is aimed to provide prospective businesses with a low-risk entry option into the Canadian market. The program allows business owners to explore opportunities within the North American ecosystem without having to incur heavy costs. The program functions as a trial period where international businesses can get a sense of what it is like to operate in the Canadian landscape.

Access to Incubators

Through TBDC’s partnership with numerous incubators, the Soft-Landing Program provides businesses with the opportunity to connect with local start-ups in Toronto. Local start-ups can contribute significant value-add services and capabilities that will allow international businesses to accelerate their growth.

Access to Resources

The Soft-Landing Program provides businesses with an unrivaled accessed to key resources including TBDC’s world-class mentor network, angel investors, and talent pool. The program also provides access to key government resources that accelerate the ability to establish and scale a company. Additionally, the program provides working spaces for businesses that are looking to begin operations in Canada.

Business Relationships

Scale-ups and start-ups participating in the Soft-Landing Program will get the opportunity to be mentored by industry experts and network with other companies that have successfully graduated from the program. The program’s growing alumni network helps create new opportunities for partnerships for start-ups currently in the program.

Network & Events

Gain access to exclusive events and investor networks through the Soft-Landing Program. The program provides founders and executives with the opportunity to forge key relationships with investors, advisors, and customers through numerous networking events.

Partner Services

Suite of services, including introductions to networks, co-locating, support with incorporating a legal entity.

Who can Apply?

The Soft-Landing Program is open to all international businesses that have been incorporated. A qualifying business meets following conditions:

  • Innovation & Scale:

    • Business should be innovative
    • Market validation – paying customers and recurring revenues

  • Participants in the program are:

    • Founders or
    • Higher Management Team (CTOs, Sales Heads)

  • At the time of acceptance in the program:

    • Canadian entity will be incorporated
    • Essential parts of the operations of the business will be conducted in Canada

Apply for Business Visa / Work Permits

Get an invite letter to apply for Business Visa / Work Permits. TBDC will provide an invite letter for the qualifying businesses to apply for work permits or business visas.

Meet the language requirements

The ability to communicate and work in English, French or both languages will help your business succeed in Canada.
You must take a language test from an approved agency and include the results with your application, or we won’t process it. You must meet the minimum level of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in either English or French.

Application Process

Step 1: Complete application online on TBDC’s webpage
Step 2: Panel Interview
Step 3: Selection update
Step 4: Complete payment of fees


The Program fee is CAD $30,000 which is allows a maximum of 3 founders to attend the program. Please note this does not include travel, accommodation or meals.

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